Encore Marketing - Scammed by Easy Saver and Ashamed

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Update by user Feb 22, 2012

Update: Encore Marketing followed through with the credit and refund, as agreed.

Original review posted by user Jan 17, 2012

Like the others, I found (believe it or not) almost 3.5 years of 14.95 monthly charges from this company and Encore Mktg.After calling my credit-card company, Amex put a block on the company so no charges could come through for the next four years.

They also reversed the latest monthly charge. However...because I'd been an *** for so long, they were unable to open a fraud case. Then I called Easy Saver at 866-828-2069. By the time I'd reached the second rep (who informed me I had clicked on a $15-off coupon offered by Blair in 2008, which initiated the whole thing), we negotiated a 2-year refund.

I am ashamed to lose the additional money, but I guess this is what I pay for stupidity.That said, this Encore Mktg/Easy Saver scam evidently works for Encore--because even if they'd refunded the entire amount, they have made money on my money all that time!

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same thing happened to me. Looks like three years after clicking $10 of next Lillian Vernon order. I was able to get all 3 years refunded.

Encore marketing - easy saver

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Yay to you all for fighting back.I was an employee at Encore Marketing and left because it is, indeed, a scam.

All of the print is stuck in there very small, and when you click on continue, it captures your credit card information, and BAM! you start getting billed every month. Months after I left, they closed the doors and outsourced everything to India.... making it even more difficult to cancel or get to someone that you can understand.

Pro-Flowers, Newport News, Sahalie, Appleseed, Blair, and more! Customers beware!

They are money launderers.By the time you find the charge and cancel it, they have already made money on your money.

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Encore Marketing - Easy Saver Rewards

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If you have ordered from Pro Flowers or any sister company....Red envelope, Florist Express...

or from Blair, Haband, Norm Thompson, Snapfish - check your statements for a charge of $1.95 and or $14.95, $16.95, $19.80! These companys have coupon offers for a certain percentage off of your next purchase - AND - a membership in these rewards programs. They send ONE email that welcomes you to the program, and if you miss it and don't cancel, you are going to automatically be charged every month!! These are money launderers.

By the time you figure out they have been charging you they have already made that money back on YOUR money.


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Encore Marketing

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Has ripped me off unbeknowst to me. My company charge cards had numberous "rewards" charges that I had no knowledge of; out bookkepper had no reason to question the charges.

In one month, I had 2 @$14.95 from Sahalie and 2 @ $14.95 from Solutions. I'm just now getting the full picture, which will be a decent amount, unathorized by anyone in our business.

How do they continue to get away with this? I plan to never shop with a retailer that uses this service. If everyone would boycott these reatilers, we could perhaps shut them out of business? I think we should try.

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Encore Marketing - Web site YUK

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The customer service web site is also another trick to plug another *** marketing group.My computer keeps telling me the website is an attempt to trick me with the "customer service" words.

Do not email them to cancel your membership, just hold!! It's worth the $30 or more that they already took from you. Lesson: do not order from online. I ordered from Oriental Trading Company and never even received a confirmation of enlisting or that they were taking money out.

This is very unethical on both companies' parts.I am going to let Oriental trading know that if this is how they treat their customers, I will order from another catalog.

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